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Meet Jennifer Dery

Foodie - Educator - Mama

When I was 34 I felt about 80 years old. My joints ached, I was tired all the time, and my weight kept creeping up. It was crazy that even though I was at the top of my game career wise, I was depressed, eating terribly, and wasn't exercising. Funny how my business building completely consumed my life.


It was time to make a real change in many facets of my life.

The week of my 35th birthday, I had my yearly physical and I hired a health coach. I was diagnosed with high blood sugar, Hashimoto's-Hypothyroid,  and two Melanomas. So fun.  I started down the road to discovering just how to reinvent my entire healthy life in a way that would stick for good. It took a lot of failing, years of research, and quite a few doctors,  mentors, and time.

These days I feel much younger than my actual age. I'm stronger than I ever was. I sleep better. My clothes fit. I laugh and appreciate more than ever.  WELLNESS is an amazing thing I never thought I could get back. But I did get it back.


And now I want to share what I have learned with you. YOU do not need to learn everything the hard way. I want to give you the shortcuts to get your new healthy lifestyle off the ground and running NOW! This isn't about crash diets or crazy workouts... and definitely not about some silver-bullet pricey shake powder.

With my degree in Psychology, my training in Nutrition & Fitness, plus my own personal 12 years wellness journey, I have created my Healthy Little Fixes  Method just for you.


I am now 47 years old (and have a 4 year old kid!). Join me in crushing goals, challenging our thinking, and upgrading our habits. I would love to share my strategy with you so you too can start your path to sustainable wellness.